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Our goal is to continue to offer Camp HOPE weekends free of charge to all families. There are many ways that you can help us make that happen.

Financial Support
Fundraising is an essential part of Camp HOPE operations. Funds are raised through a variety of ways including donations through the generosity of clubs, organizations, foundations, businesses and individuals. Please consider donating as a group or individual if you are able. Camp HOPE is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. All donations in cash and in kind are tax deductible. 

Please note: If you would like us to notify someone of your donation in memory or honor of a loved one, please email and include this information, 1) the name of the person who you are honoring and 2) the name and mailing address of the family. Thank you!











If you prefer to write a check, please make it out to Camp HOPE and mail to us at
Camp HOPE, P.O. Box 70722, Madison, WI 53707.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always looking for wonderful people to join our list of volunteers. Please contact if you are interested and have any questions. Our application can be found on our website under "Camp HOPE Weekends - Staff" 

Special Thanks To All Our 2022 Donors:

Thank You

Advocate Aurora Health, Blackbaud Giving Fund, 
Charleston, SC
Al Carrasco, Oakland, CA
Andrew Meyers, Sacramento, CA
Anna Sainski, Bristol, WI
Anthony Mar, Oakland, CA
Audray & Walter Gerber, Plain, WI
Bill Boston, Plover, WI
Bob Furlong, Lemont, IL
Bob & Karen McDonald, Stevens Point, WI
Bonnie Keith, Nokomis, FL
Camp HOPE, Dan Hebert, Roseville, CA
Cara Dowsett, Scandinavia, WI
Cecile Even, Richland Center, WI
Chuck & Sally Litka, Eau Claire, WI
Curtis Hossman, Lodi, WI
Daniel Layton, Prairie Du Sac, WI
Dean Schmidt, Appleton, WI
Debbie Payne, East Troy, WI
Donald Olson, Stevens Point, WI
Donna, Mike, Kristi, Tyler Anderson, Madison, WI
Duane & Beverly Pede, Amherst Jct., WI
Eden Lions Club, Eden, WI
Edwin May, Stevens Point, WI
Eric Ready, Los Gatos, CA
Fran & Bobbie Roman Family Fund, Community 
Foundation of Central WI, Stevens Point, WI
Gerald Ring, Madison, WI
Haertl Monuments, Stevens Point, WI
Hancock Lions, Hancock, WI
Jacqueline Nachreimer, Spring Green, WI
James Everson, Avoca, WI
Jeff Dickmann, Society Insurance Employee 
Matching Program, Fond du Lac, WI
Jennifer Taylor, Windsor, WI
Jewelers Mutual Charitable Giving Fund, Community 
Foundation for the Fox Valley Region, Appleton, WI
Jim & Cynthia Hebert, Oakland, CA
Jim & Kathy Warner, Stevens Point, WI
Joe Zei, Almond, WI
John Miller, Nevada City, CA
John & Sandy Bushman, Wittenberg, WI
June & Eugene Johnson, Stevens Point, WI
KTP Enterprises, Inc., Colgate, WI
Kathleen Borseth, Madison, WI
Kathy Humke, Bill Humke Memorial, Oshkosh, WI
Kehl Family Fund
Kenneth Simmons, Gleason, WI
Kenneth Berkel, Rubicon, WI
Kevin & Jeanne Karch, Custer, WI
Kim Whitmor, Alana Rose Foundation, Sun Prairie, WI
Laura Borges, Pleasanton, CA
Laurel Jaeke, Hartford, WI
Liz Kammer, Plover, WI
LYCON, Inc., Janesville, WI
Marilyn Allen, Stevens Point, WI
Mark Freitas, Oakland, CA
Martha Loy, Madison, WI
Matthew Carrasco, Orinda, CA
Maureen McNulty Panke, St. Paul, MN
Maureen Noteboom, Wausau, WI
Maureen Houlihan, Stevens Point, WI
Maureen Panke, Saint Paul, MN
Meme Jenkins, Washington, IL
Michael Savage, Cedarburg, WI
Mike Schoonveld, Middleton, WI
Molly Vandervelde, Madison, WI
Morgan Washburn, Bel Air, MD
Phil Puerling, Mequon, WI
Rebecca Salversen, Hatley, WI
Richard Ardoin, Oakland, CA
Robert Loback, Mill Valley, CA
Robert Mohr, Milwaukee, WI
Rosalind Boville, Greenfield, WI
Ryan Kraemer, Kraemer Brothers, Plain, WI
Security Health Plan & Carmen Duran, Marshfield, WI
Shari Diehl, Prairie Du Sac, WI
Spoerl Family Memorial Fund, Waupaca, WI
Stephen and Diane Church, Louisville, KY
Stevens Point Area Catholic Cemetery 
Association, Inc., Stevens Point, WI
Stevens Point Area Co-op, Stevens Point, WI
Stevens Point Junior Woman’s Club, Stevens Point, WI
Susan Balisterri, Elkhart Lake, WI
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Blackbaud Giving Fund, 
Charleston, SC
Teresa Lins
The Benevity Community Impace Fund, Newark, DE
Tom & Soni Kraemer, Plain, WI
Tom Curtis, Wisconsin Real Estate Group, Elm Grove, WI
Trent & Amelia Thompson, Waunakee, WI
United Way of Dane County, Madison, WI
Water-Right Charitable Fund, Community Foundation 
for the Fox Valley Region, Appleton, WI
Waupun Lions Club, Waupun, WI

In Memory

Charlotte Dischler, Plain, WI, in memory of 
John Dischler and Jeff Bridgeman
Dale & Jennifer Eaton, Wausau, WI, in memory of
Emily’s Path
David Mackesey, Diablo, CA, in memory of 
Dan Hebert
David & Elizabeth Wise, Stevens Point, WI, in memory 
of Cheryl Karr
Deanna & Valentine Zibung, Oregon, WI, in memory 
of Bill Humke
Diane Dickinson, Stevens Point, WI, in memory of 
Gradma DeeDee, Patty Vaux, Lorraine Lund, 
Tom Kieliszewsla, Tom Grebe, Kathy Lepak, 
Amy Folz, Todd Oechsner, Dennis King, 
Jon Krogwold, Joanie Corbin, Lonnie Parker, 
Jean Sorenson, “Bliss”
Donna Ochsner, Plain, WI, in memory of 
Aaron Anderson, Bruno Wolff and Glen Brandl
Elvy Weiss, Plain, WI, in memory of Jeff Bridgeman
Frances Milburn, Watertown, WI, in memory of 
Richard Milburn
Frank Stanislawski, Stevens Point, WI, in memory of 
Gertrude Alfuth
Gordon Sander, West Allis, WI, in memory of 
Rosie & Tristan Sander
Herb and Linda Paulus, Plain, WI, in memory of 
Aaron Anderson, and Lawrence & Kathryn Brechtl
Jackie & Gary Nachreiner, Spring Green, WI, in 
memory of Tom Kane
James & Marcia Lyons, Columbus, IN, in memory 
of Brian Leider
Jerry & Mary Lou Baryenbruch, Spring Green, WI, 
in memory of Jacob Manning
John Bauknecht, Cross Plains, WI, in memory of 
Mr. Mircea Tanase
Julie & Jerry McLimans, Sauk City, WI, in memory of 
Randy Boomgarden and Jacob Manning
Karen Alore, Eagle River, WI, in memory of Her 
children Lauren, Daniel, Timothy, Donna & Krista
Kathy Humke, Oshkosh, WI, in memory of Bill Humke
Lisa Dickmann, Fond du Lac,WI, in memory of 
Brian, Grandma Grace
Lorraine Steffens, Seymour, WI, in memory of 
Joe Steffens
Margie Billings, Muscoda, WI, in memory of 
Braeden Paul Lee Bausch and Jim Imhoff
Melinda Merton Family, Pewaukee, WI, in memory 
of Mike Merton
Pam Chehade, Spring Green, WI, in memory of 
Hank Dedrich, Mark Alt, Beth Wankerl, 
Rob Schurck, Rhiannon Humphries, 
Polly Ann McGinley, George Buringa, 
Berniece Murphy, Tom Kane, Jeanne Koller, 
Carol Olson & Terry Maxwell, Bob Pellett, 
Bob Dallman
Richard Frame, Fort Atkinson, WI, in memory of 
Dan Hebert
Rita & Jerry Goddard, Verona, WI, in memory of 
Shirley Greencheck
Ryan & Susan Burns, Appleton, WI, in memory of 
My Mom
Sid Frame, Lincoln, CA, in memory of Dan Hebert
Terry and Margie Curtis, LaCrosse, WI, in memory of 
Tim Curtis
Theresa Dixon, Elm Grove, WI, in memory of 
Andrew Burgeson, Clay Ball, Aunt Laurie
Tom Curtis, Elm Grove, WI, in memory of 
Virginia Campion
Tonya Anderson, Spring Green, WI, in memory of 
Dennis Conger, Aaron Anderson
Vicky Wittman, Appleton, WI, in memory of 
Joe Steffens
Walt & Audrey Gerber, Plain, WI, in memory of 
Jeff Bridgeman
Alice Loy Swinehart Memorial:
Allen Ring, Plain, WI 
Art & Shirley Baryenbruch, Spring Green, WI 
Bob & Jean Beckel, Savage, MN 
Bonnie Kraemer & Bob Tague, Madison, WI 
Bruce & Steph Pannkuk, Hillpoint, WI 
Catherine Scheder & Brenda Lackey, Stevens Point, WI 
Charlie & Joanne Loy, Winneconne, WI 
Charlotte Dischler, Plain, WI 
Chris & Darla Schaefer, Franklin, IN
Darrell & Mary Kraemer, Plain, WI 
Dave & Laurie Kallstrom, Mosinee, WI 
Dave & Penny Johnson, Sun Prairie, WI 
Diane Baryenbruch, Spring Green, WI 
Diane & Kevin Kraemer, Plain, WI 
Elvy Weiss Family, Plain, WI 
Ethan & Jan Erdman, Spring Green, WI 
Fred & Carol Hebert, Junction City, WI 
Gary & Donna Gorman, Lone Rock, WI 
Heidi & Shawn Duren, Spring Green, WI 
Herb and Linda Paulus, Plain, WI
Jack & Kay Taylor, Lone Rock, WI 

Jan Tenant, Spring Green, WI
Jane Jones, Tucson, AZ
Jeff & Jean Alt, Spring Green, WI 
Jeff & Michelle Weiss, Spring Green, WI
Jenny & Keith Long, Papillion, NE
Jerry & MaryLou Baryenbruch, Spring Green, WI 
Jill Roisum, Minneapolis, MN 
Jim & Linda Kasukonis, Stevens Point, WI 
Jim & Marie Neider, Plain, WI 
Joan McCauley, Middleton, WI 
John & Dorothy Hill, Waunakee, WI 
Julie & Jerry Mclimans, Sauk City, WI
Kathleen McDonald, Spring Green, WI 
Luanne Dischler, Spring Green, WI 
Margie Billings, Muscoda, WI 
Mark & Carol Scoles, Spring Green, WI 
Mark & Jody Schmitz, McFarland, WI 
Mark & Lori Baryenbruch, Spring Green, WI 
Martha Loy, Madison, WI 
Mary Liegel, Spring Green, WI 
Mary Lee & Larry Anding, Spring Green, WI 
Matt & Jennifer Kraemer, Pickett, WI 
Matt & Vicki Beglinger, Mount Horeb, WI 
Mickey & Irv Snyder, Spring Green, WI 
Mike & Linda Stoddard, Spring Green, WI 
Mingu Ernstmeyer, Reedsburg, WI 
Pam Chehade, Spring Green, WI
Pat Jennings, Arena, WI 
Pat & Sheila Dischler, Oregon, WI 
Ralph & Mary Beth Liegel, Spring Green, WI 
Randy Manning, Spring Green, WI 
Ray & Marcia Ring, Plain, WI 
Rhonda Weiss, Plain, WI 
Sally Scovill, Almond, WI 
Sally Shaffer, Spring Green, WI 
Steve Ensor, Madison, WI 
Steve & Bonnie Richardson, Spring Green, WI 
Steve & Peggy Tenant, Lodi, WI 
Sue & Bill Meise, Spring Green, WI 
Timothy & Cynthia Nelson, Hudson, WI 
Tom & Kathy Kimmerly, Kansas City, MO
Tom & Soni Kraemer, Plain, WI 
UWSP School of Health Sciences & Wellness, 
Stevens Point, WI 
Verhelst CPA, Oregon, WI 
Wade & Shawn Wacholz, Eden Prairie, MN 
Walt & Audray Gerber, Plain, WI 

In Honor Of
James Robertson, Springfield, VA
in honor of Diane Metzner, Rosalind Boville
Mara, Marcia and Alan Schulman, Bayside, WI
in honor of Leslie Arnold’s Birthday
Michelle Bjella, East Aurora, NY
in honor of Louise Pease
Popdot Marketing, Madison, WI
in honor of Paige
Richard & Patty Schmidt, Kewaskum, WI
in honor of Rich and Dorothy Leider’s 50th 
wedding anniversary


Special Appreciation For Our Fundraisers

 Always In Our Hearts Walk/Run, Inc., East Troy, WI
Camp HOPE Classic Golf Tou
rnament, Stevens Point, WI
Camp HOPE, Dan Hebert, Roseville, CA
Casting For HOPE, Brookfield, WI
District One Brewing & Caufield Goal, Stevens Point, WI
Tin Cup Invitational, Spring Green, WI


A heartfelt thank you to all of our anonymous donors.


Becky and Louise.jpg

Things I know because of Mom:
“Always snuggle babies, whenever and wherever you can.  Bread is best when it's warm.  Traveling makes you a smarter and better person.  It's perfectly okay to call someone you love ‘Lil Bugger’ or ‘Bootsie’.  Treat your son or daughter in law well and you make your child happy.
People in all walks of life deserve your respect.  Reading is the best teacher.  There is always time for your child.
Compassion for people who are suffering, locally or far away.  How loved a smile of welcome makes a person feel."

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