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"Don't question going to Camp HOPE. No matter the story, the guilt, 
the sadness, the hurt, the pain - it is worth it. You will find that so many others 
are feeling the same way, and the bond you will share with all of these 
strangers - they won't be strangers anymore."

- Karen, adult camper

Our registration process is easy. We work hard to ensure that Camp HOPE is always offered to our campers free of charge with the option of transportation support if needed. Every child/teen camper must have a completed Youth Registration Form in order to attend.  Youth campers are able to attend Camp HOPE with or without an adult. 

Camp HOPE is also open to the adult family members of the children that attend. Unfortunately, we do not offer our adult camp to individuals without children attending. Adult campers also need a completed Adult Registration Form.  To ensure your reservation, we ask that forms are submitted no later than four weeks prior to each scheduled camp.


Please click on the buttons below to register. If you need a paper copy please email

Once we have received your completed forms, you will receive a confirmation email that you are registered. As the camp weekend approaches, you will receive more information on what to expect, what to pack and directions for the weekend. If you have questions, feel free to email or call us at anytime throughout the process.

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