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How often do you hold Camp HOPE?

Camp HOPE is held three times a year: one weekend in the Spring and one in the Fall with a winter reunion Camp for campers from the previous year, every January or February.

What ages are your campers?

Youth campers range anywhere from 5-18 years old.  Parents/Guardians/Adult family members of youth campers are invited to attend the Adult Camp. 


Where is Camp HOPE located?

We are located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp: 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, Wisconsin


Can I come back to camp?

Camp HOPE is meant to serve as a catalyst to begin the healing process. Because of this, Camp holds a special meaning for those who attend as new campers. As a returning camper, this meaning changes. We encourage our campers to exchange contact information and to stay in touch and in support of one another via social media. We realize that most kids want to come back to camp so we offer a reunion camp every February for youth and adult campers who have attended camp the previous Spring or Fall.


When can I be a Junior Counselor?

We accept Junior Counselors ages 16 and older. Please email

Maria Loy,, for a volunteer application form.


Can I have my cell phone while at camp?

While you are welcome to have your cell phone at camp, we ask that they 

stay in cabins as to not get lost, broken, or become a distraction. 

We want our campers and counselors to be as present as possible during

the weekend.

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