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How often do you hold Camp HOPE?

Camp HOPE is held three times a year: one weekend in the Spring and one in the Fall with a winter reunion Camp for campers from the previous year, every January or February.

What ages are your campers?

Youth campers range anywhere from 5-18 years old.  Parents/Guardians/Adult family members of youth campers are invited to attend the Adult Camp. We do not dictate who you consider "family." If they are family to you, they are family to us.

Where is Camp HOPE located?

We are located at the Wisconsin Lions Camp: 3834 County Road A, Rosholt, Wisconsin

What if I don't have a way to get to Camp?

Don't worry, we can provide transportation! Go ahead and fill out those registration forms and we'll connect with you!


Can I come back to camp?

Camp HOPE is meant to serve as a catalyst to begin the healing process. Because of this, Camp holds a special meaning for those who attend as new campers. As a returning camper, this meaning changes. We encourage our campers to exchange contact information and to stay in touch and to support one another via social media.

However, we realize that most families want to come back to camp so we offer a reunion camp every February for youth and adult campers who have attended the previous Spring or Fall.


Can siblings sleep together in the same cabin?

We understand the fear parents/guardians have about sleeping arrangements, especially after experiencing the death of a loved one. However, we strongly urge against this.  The confidence that comes from being independent is extremely important to the healing process. Losing a loved one can make us all feel out of control and independence brings some control back. Also, after spending a full day of fun with their group, they want to sleep with their new friends anyway!

Sleeping arraignments for Trans or Non-Binary folx

We are excited to welcome you with open arms! We know that feeling safe at Camp HOPE is incredibly important and we want to make sure that you and/or your child/ren feel loved and safe.  Our options for cabins are: all-gender, male, or female. These options are listed on our registration forms.  If for some reason we cannot accommodate an all-gender cabin for that particular camp, we will let you know and work out an alternative plan.  We love to be flexible! If you have more specific questions or concerns, reach out so we can make a plan.

My child has a disability.  Can they still attend?

Yes! Over the years we have had children of all abilities attend Camp. Please reach out so we can work out a plan that is right for you.

I'm afraid to tell my child why their loved one died. 

Telling your child the details of how their loved one died is really tough. At Camp HOPE, our foundation is trust.  We talk openly about our loved ones, how they died, and our feelings around the death. Knowing the full truth is an important building block to trust and ultimately healing.  If you need support in talking with your child/ren, doctors, therapists, and school student services staff (social workers, psychologists, and counselors) are great resources. 


When can I be a Junior Counselor?

We accept Junior Counselors ages 16 and older. Please reach out for more information.


Can I have my cell phone while at camp?

While you are welcome to have your cell phone at camp, we ask that they stay in cabins as to

not get lost, broken, or become a distraction.  We want our campers and counselors to be as

present as possible during the weekend.

Can I come to camp as an adult without a child?

Unfortunately, no.  Camp HOPE was founded as a camp for grieving children and teens.  It wasn't

until about 20 years after we started that we opened our doors to welcome adult family members. 

We realized that we couldn't just support the healing of a child without also supporting the 

family unit as a whole.

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