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A free weekend camp for grieving children, teens and their families.

Joy, Friendships, and Healing

From the moment they arrive, the children and teenagers learn that it is okay to laugh and play and that to do so is not disrespectful to the memory of the person who died. That fun and positive energy comes through in everything we do - starting with our counselors, to our on-site nurse to our kitchen staff. And since everyone who is at camp knows what it’s like to lose someone they love, there is also plenty of space for sharing and the acceptance of tears.

Through playing, sharing, and being together in a camp setting with peers and staff who know the pain, the children and teenagers realize that the emotions they are feeling are a normal part of grief. What is happening to them happens to others everywhere, and at Camp HOPE, their pain is understood and shared. 

A Message from our Founder

"As the Founder and President of Camp HOPE, I have seen people’s raw grief for over 30 years.  The grief we have all witnessed in this country specifically among Black and Brown people the last several years is heartbreaking. 


We know this pain is not new.  It is time for change. People of color experience overt racism and microaggressions each and every day. We cannot accept the racial disparities we build and perpetuate. Nor can we allow for communities of color to stand alone in addressing racial injustice. 


Black Lives Matter.  Camp HOPE supports all who are doing the necessary work to dismantle systems of oppression and to fight against racial injustice in our communities.  In the coming months, you will see this commitment translate to tangible change within our internal organizational policies and practices – ensuring Camp HOPE is truly a place where all kids and families experiencing grief can feel welcome – regardless of the color of their skin."   ~Becky Kraemer Loy

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