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Welcome to the new Camp HOPE website!

Hello and welcome to our new Camp HOPE website! We are so happy to show you some new things we’ve added to the website. We are hoping these tools will help us spread the word about Camp HOPE throughout the state of Wisconsin and provide our advocates more ways to do so as well. Here are some of our updates to take note of: Brochure - We have the new Camp HOPE brochure available to view and print for easy sharing Registration Forms - We now have our registration forms posted on our website and are even working on an online form for the future. For now, please use the links to the Google Docs that we have here. Donations - We are now able to accept donations online. Please see our Support page to make a donation and for additional ways you can help us out. Photos - We are offering a sampling of photos from our most previous camp weekends with a link to get to all of the photos from each camp weekend. Newsletters - Please see our Newsletters page for our most recent and a few past year newsletters. Blog - We’ll be updating this blog on a monthly basis so check back here from time to time! I would like to thank Anthony Resnick for helping us out with this website. I would have gone insane trying to do it all myself. Instead, I have brought him into my insanity. Haha! Thank you so much Anthony! And thank you, everyone else, for reading up to this point. Take care, Mariah


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