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Equity Committee Update

Equity Committee Updates:

In March 2021, Camp HOPE released our Equity Vision. For the 32 years that Camp has existed we have tried to be an inclusive space but we acknowledge that hasn’t always been true for all of our campers or staff. We are committed to doing better and ensuring our camp community is a safe space.

While our intention around inclusivity has always existed, a committee of board members including Maria Loy, Lilia Figueroa, Alexis Dean, Kristi Anderson, Becky Loy and Camp Director, Vicky Wittman has been meeting regularly to ensure our internal processes and practices are explicitly rooted in equity.

Over the course of the next six months, this committee will:

  • Create staff training that embraces equity and explicitly addresses implicit bias

  • Review our policies with an equity lens

  • Ensure our camp activities and schedules are culturally responsive

  • Revise camp practices to ensure gender inclusivity

Feedback from staff and volunteers helped to shape the above priorities and will continue to be invited to help reenvision what Camp can be in the near future.


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