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And the new director is...

Vicky Wittman

Growing up on a dairy farm and being instilled with values of family, community and stewardship for the earth, some of my fondest memories are times spent with my dad. I have always known I wanted to become a philanthropist, dedicating my life to helping others and showing them the selfless love and care I learned from my dad. I believe that doing whatever good you can to help your neighbor, will in turn aid an entire community.

During my freshman year of college, my dad passed away from a brain tumor. In that moment my life changed in a profound way that I still cannot fathom a child ever having to endure. Through volunteering, I continue to meet many courageous young families who are grieving loved ones as well. When I began volunteering at Camp HOPE, I knew it was a space I already belonged to. The Camp HOPE community is truly a second family with the same values I grew up with and share now with my husband, Scott and three sons Asa, Jett and Rhodes.

I am honored and blessed to serve as the Director for Camp HOPE. I am excited and look forward to learning and growing with all of you!


Vicky M. Wittman, MPA, CSW

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